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Rupes D-A Ultra Fine Poleringspude

Rupes D-A Ultra Fine Poleringspude

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The new D-A polishing pads with completely new materials and profiles, just like the corresponding polishes, complement the current foam pad series for all DA eccentric polishers.

The new proprietary polishes and pad profile have been extensively tested to deliver superior performance and an enhanced user experience on all BigFoot eccentric polishing systems. The new contour profile makes it easier to polish complex and hard-to-reach areas without the risk of causing damage with the edge of the backing pad.

The lower profile has been specially designed to maximise the transfer of the polisher's mechanical movements to the work surface. It also provides an excellent user experience by reducing the overall distance from the surface, improving stability and control during all phases of the polishing process, and also reducing deformation of the sponges caused mainly by the movement of the forced eccentric polisher and torque output.

The metallic Flow Pack Film provides mechanical protection against accidental puncturing and tearing to maintain the original properties and also protects against moisture, UV radiation and dust.

The D-A ULTRAFINE foam pad was developed for high-gloss finishing and polishing up cloudiness on very soft paint surfaces. It can also be used to apply sealants or waxes. Combine it with UNO PURE polish to remove extremely fine defects or to achieve a show car finish.

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